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College Admissions 101

Guide to College Admissions terms from Washington University.
Link to any US 4-yr College and University Website. UT-Austin
Student and Parent Resources - Guide for Parents, NACAC; Student/Parent Resource Page, NACAC

Financial Aid Links

Tips on maximizing your aid eligibility and lowering your EFC (while still being honest!)
EFC calculator from College Board
FAFSA on the web.  Start here if you are new to FAFSA.
CSS/Profile on the web. Click here if you are new to CSS.
PLUS loans info
Colleges that Meet 100% of Need

Summer Opportunities

Camp Directory (for virtually ANY type) from

UCLA Summer Programs Deadines vary

UC Summer Programs Deadlines Vary - most are first come, first served

Finding College Matches Deciding where your child goes to college (and probably spends 4 or more years of her life) requires investigation of many variables and options.

These include: type of school, academic rigour, career interests, major interests, size, athletics, cost, location and much more. The college matching engines below can provide you with relevant wizards that generate lists of colleges to research. Most include the ability to save information, update, etc, and some offer other features like the ability to send a student profile to colleges of your choice.

College Match Engines
College Answer by Sallie Mae
For CA colleges try exploring
California Colleges

Scholarship Match




Resources for Special Needs Learners

UC Academic Support Services


08/19/02 Revisioning the College Experience-Read the thought provoking article, "Better Choices Beyond High School" from the journal Inquiry.

04/03/03 The Thin Envelope - Why College Admissions has become unpredictable.  A New Yorker Article by Louis Menand

Working with your child to make the process fun…

The college admissions process can be one of the most stressful times during a person’s life, both for you and your child.  Remember what it was like when you applied to college?  Uncertainties and insecurities abounded.  Excitement and anticipation made you tingle.  Through it all, we emerged a changed person. 

Turn visiting schools into a fun, educational trip.


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