FALL 2016

Updated: November 3, 2016


Admissions Edge has provided professional tutoring and college admissions counseling services to high school students and their families since 1999.  This site has been designed as a resource for high school students and their parents. We hope you find it helpful! PARENTS and STUDENTS, click your links for an Introduction to College Admissions.  Admissions Edge offers a comprehensive package of personalized services - Click ABOUT ADMISSIONS EDGE to see more! 


Are you seeking an edge?  An edge is achieved by gathering the right information and knowing how to use it – energetically!




Learning requires the right tools: source material like worksheets, notes, handouts, books, newspapers or Internet sites.  Learning requires strategies and processes: study habits, motivational tools, memory skills, practice, and discussion.  By combining the right materials and the right strategies, Admissions Edge helps the student move to more enjoyable and productive study…and results.




Like the athlete, the brain strengthens with exercise.  Applying knowledge energetically does just that. It can mean finishing a draft of an essay early so that there is plenty of time left for revisions.  It can mean using a test-taking strategy on the SAT. It can mean reading a book a month – or more.   Admissions Edge helps you map out ways of using newly gained knowledge. We help build confidence - a critical need for an active, successful student. Our goal is to lead you toward more meaningful contribution in the classroom, better results on quizzes and tests and ultimately the enjoyment of school.  Learn more about our services in ABOUT ADMISSIONS EDGE.


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